Rob Sanz Named Partner

Rob Sanz, Partner

Rob Sanz, Partner

Wilmot Sanz is thrilled to announce the promotion of Rob Sanz to Partner. A dynamic and talented architect offering a diverse skillset spanning design, management, and business development, Rob will join the existing four partners to bring fresh perspectives while continuing to lead Wilmot Sanz into the future. 

We sat down with Rob to talk about what becoming a Partner of Wilmot Sanz means to him. 

Q: What does this promotion to Partner mean to you?

R: I am very excited to become a Partner and have the opportunity to further impart my core values and personality into the culture of the firm. I look forward to taking a deeper dive into our approach to solving problems, whether design or operations, and helping to craft the best outcomes. 

Having been here my entire career, I have seen the firm’s original founders, the transition to our new leadership, and all the values and unique approaches that each leader has brought to the firm. As a Partner, I want to take inspiration from the best parts of each and fuse those together with my own unique flair. 

Q: Where does your passion for healthcare come from? 

R: As a project architect spending a lot of time working in the field onsite, I ate a lot of meals in hospital cafeterias.  One day, I witnessed a distressed woman sitting at a table next to mine having to make a difficult call to what I assume was a close family member and delivering the sudden and poignant news about a loved one who had spent the night at the hospital.  That memory has truly stuck with me.  Very often people’s most vulnerable times are spent in a healthcare setting and my personal mission to help people really drives my design sense and appreciation of the virtues of healthcare design.  Whether it’s for a patient, staff, or family visitors, I want what we do at Wilmot Sanz to impart mindfulness and healing through all walks of design.  I am a strong believer that understanding and thoughtfully reacting to how people work in, feel, and experience our built environments can lead to positive outcomes for all involved. 

Q: Where do you see the firm in 5 years? 

R: We are a strong healthcare design firm, one of the best.  I want to see our firm strengthen its foothold in the local healthcare market and branch out to new geographical markets to grow our brand recognition nationwide. 

Q: What does it mean to be a Sanz at Wilmot Sanz? 

R: It means the world to me.  I mean, it’s my dad, Rolando’s, legacy and I look forward to and take great pride in upholding that.  He has taught me what I know about architecture, and more profoundly what I know about life.  I am truly humbled and energized to get started in my next chapter at the firm. 

Rob Sanz, AIA, cLSGB holds a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of Maryland, is a registered architect and is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified. He has proudly spent his entire career at Wilmot Sanz. 

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